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Made from Scratch

Tiffany's Dessert Bar prides itself in sourcing the finest ingredients for its confectioneries.

All baked goods are made from scratch with many organic ingredients.


We offer gluten and nut-free bakes to fit any allergy needs.


We also make unique and personalized desserts for corporate events. 

My Story

In 2019, a hobby took off unexpectedly and Tiffany's Dessert Bar was born. I've worked diligently to perfect my craft. In a matter of months what was once simply a creative outlet for me became a passion to create baked from scratch goodies.

As a child I spent many years in the kitchens of my grandmothers and aunts. Growing up with such a large family (26 aunts and uncles) most of which were excellent cooks was a blessing. My paternal grandmother: Big Mama used to serve me my very own sweet potato pie in her small cast iron skillet with a cup of Sanka coffee for breakfast. My parents were so upset! This is the foundation I bring with me to my commercial kitchen.

I've always been an earth-conscious person so it only made sense for me to put a modern spin on the traditional bakery. We strive to have the smallest carbon foot print possible and to utilize the least amount of our earths resources to build and operate this business. To that end, you won't open our door and find a plethora of pastries and desserts on display. Our mixers and ovens aren't turned on until an order is placed and paid for. This also helps to ensure we provide our clients with the freshest desserts possible.


Opening a storefront in the height of a pandemic was no small feat! We now operate a commercial kitchen at Bayshore Mall and recently expanded into the mobile food space with our dessert truck; offering a menu with many dessert options for your special occasions, events, family gatherings or just date night. From weddings to holidays, cheesecakes, cupcakes, custom cakes and everything in between, Tiffany's Dessert Bar has you covered. 

I'm truly looking forward to providing you with tasty treats soon.

Love and Sprinkles,



Baked with organic ingredients

Yummy Desserts

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Decorated Cake with Donuts

How To Find Us

  • We are located at 460 West Silver Spring Drive ~ Bayshore Mall

  • Ample free parking is available in the lot behind Trader Joe's 

  • Walk through the corridor alongside Qdoba. We are the second door to your left.  

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